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Barring that, maybe a new tank for indoor use! Thanks Very Much for this article! Biggest downside to my DTL is I get maybe 1 week out of my coils no matter what method i use and a friend of mine who uses the Smok Baby, gets 3 months out of his coils and is a heavier vaper than me. I have a aspire k3 that I used to quit smoking literally not a single drag using 6mg but I always found myself dtl not mtl it uses a 1.

Hey Adam… Whatever you find works for you is all good!

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There are no set rules, vaping is very much about finding what suits you best. I like to use more VG in my vaping like 70 and 80 vg or even add more vg to the mixes I buy.. The latter is more of a true MTL tank with narrow mouthpiece. So just keep that in mind as the vape is likely to be different more restricted to what you are currently used to. As for battery life using the Nautilus 2 on the Eleaf iKuun i it depends.

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I use the 0. So, if you currently vape at a higher wattage than the above then you should see a little more in terms of battery life. For the 1. Hi Reading everywhere that Aspire Nautilus 2 is supposedly fantastic but my experience is different so perhaps am doing something wrong.

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Have tried the 0. Using as a MTL and am getting really fed up with no flavour, may as well go back to the old ciggies. Any suggestions appreciated or should I just try the 1. Have you tried replacing the coil and seeing if that makes a difference? I know it sounds simple and you likely have but could have an issue with the coil itself. While I have vaped 80VG with the 0.

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If I took 3 drags in quick succession I could tell the coil was drying out and there was a hint of a burnt taste coming through. If the cotton burns at all it can affect the flavour. Have you also tried the e-liquids you are using in other tanks to see if the e-liquid flavour comes through OK in those?

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Is it safe to vape while its charging? I started with an e pen but wanted to make loads of vape clouds. Sounds like you may simply need a new battery though. Check out more about vape batteries and recommendations here. What I would suggest though is to buy an external charger such as the Nitecore i2 or D2. Xtar is a good charger brand as well. You can then charge upto two spare batteries and rotate them. I would recommend the Innoken Zenith with a 0. Innoken also make a pen type called the Endura which is quite good and the coils are cheap, but its not adjustable in any way. I quite often find myself sneaking a draw from my partners Endura because i love how tight it is and the flavour is quite good too nothing compared to my sub ohm DTL though.

Good throat hit and adjustable for the tight draw. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. First vape was an Innokin T18, 14W 1. What is wrong with using DTL with a 1. Cheers Steve. Continue by using your lower lip to add momentum as the vapor travel upwards. You should also slowly move your tongue from the back to the front as the vapor pushes out. Just make sure that the motion is not quick.

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Keep inhaling as you breathe in through your nose for the vapor to be sucked upwards when it leaves the mouth. Following these steps will result in the French Inhale. This step will also need some practicing but it gets easier the more you do it. The Tornado This is one of those vaporizer tricks that can easily be mastered by intermediate vapors. You start by isolating a flat surface. If you're a complete beginner, you can start by using an empty paper towel roll.

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The paper roll helps in breathing in a more compact and effective manner. Experienced users have the ability to comfortably breathe down on the table without the vapor dispersing. The more the vapor you inhale, the better the chances of the trick working out. Your fingers should be placed together when inserting the hand in the smoke.

You can also choose to separate your ring fingers from the pinky one and the outcome will still be the same. It is all about going for what you're comfortable with. Your hand should rapidly drive up so as to create a tornado effect. Bane Inhale This technique is inspired by the Batman villain. The vapor should be stored in your cheeks once you inhale it while slowly allowing it to go through the mouth. Next step is to perform the French Inhale which we've already covered. Your teeth should be closed as the vapor goes out.

The smoke is then separated into numerous strands thus creating the illusion of the Mask. Leave a comment Name Email. Vaping vs Smoking The Ultimate G Guide to Best Squonk Mods [ Top 10 Favorite Vape Girls of In What's the Deal with Vaping Alco What is a Vape Pen?

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