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If you're keen to get a new Apple Tablet, or gadgets for one you already own, November 29 is the date to pencil in your calendar — and TechRadar will be able to guide you through every step of the deals process. Bookmark our Black Friday homepage , and check back nearer the time, to see what kind of savings you can get. Weight: g Dimensions: If you've been thinking of getting a new iPad for a while this is a great place to start, although it's only a minor upgrade over last year's, so bear that in mind when comparing prices.

The iPad You get a larger screen here for similar money though in all fairness and the resolution is a little bit sharper too. If you're keen to use an iPad a bit like a laptop too you might also like the how Apple has added a Smart Connector to its cheapest iPad so it now supports the first-gen Apple Pencil and the official Smart Keyboard Case like the much more expensive Air and Pro models in the series.

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The new iPad will also launch with the new iPadOS installed too. This marks the first time Apple has designed a bespoke operating system for its iPads rather than use a similar version to that found in its phones. Weight: g Dimensions: x Apple's 9. The main new feature here is the Apple Pencil support, a feature usually reserved for the far more expensive iPad Pro models.


The newest standard iPad is still a fantastic tablet though and is slightly bit faster and more powerful than the model thanks to the new A10 chipset. The new iPad Air is the first in the line we've seen since the iPad Air 2 in and given we had a thin But this one has been worth the wait. That's because it's been given a significant performance boost, that makes it closer to the far more expensive iPad Pros than the regular iPads. The new iPad Air includes high-end chipsets and processors and also supports Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard.

The pixel density on the retina display is very close to that found on the iPad Pro 11 and you're getting the same True Tone technology which will adjust the screen's brightness to the optimal levels for your environment. While you'd be forgiven for thinking the design hasn't changed an awful lot over the years, you can spot the new version over older iterations via the improved spec. The stunning new retina screen has a x resolution, which is seriously intense for a 7. You're getting most up-to-date OS and brand new A12 Bionic Chip that even outstrips the most recent regular 9.

If the standard-sized iPads are a bit too big for you to handle casually or take up too much space in your bag, but you really want something bigger than your phone for long reads, browsing the net or watching video content, the latest iPad Mini is going to take some beating as one of the best devices you can get.

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The prices are the main giveaway though and start off typically high, even more so than the nesest 9. And considering it was released in , you really are better off paying a bit more for the latest model. The iPad Pro marks the biggest change to the display since the original model. The edge to edge LCD screen has been achieved rounding its corners and using a liquid retina display similar to that found in the iPhone XR. Apple has managed to create an inch display, while keeping the chassis-size of the previous The Hz display now comes with Face ID for unlocking too.

It will effortlessly handle hundreds of high-res Photoshop layers with no lag. The The obliteration of the bezels of old, while keeping the screen-size at However, with upgrades on both pros, these two original pros were discontinued. For the second generation iPad Pros, Apple freshened up the Both their rear and front cameras were also improved to have megapixel with quad-LED True-Tone flash and 7-megapixel with Retina flash respectively.

Several accessories were made specifically for iPad Pros, such as Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, Smart Screen Cover and the keyboard cover which we will discuss in the accessories section. These additional accessories are a great tool for anyone who works in the creative industries, or for casual artists, film-makers or photographers.

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The size of the screen and storage makes the iPad Pro suitable for watching TV or movies, providing up to GB, the highest storage for iOS device, and letting you store not only your documents but all the pictures and videos you want. Adding compatible stereo speakers can also enhance your experience.

The Overall, as a unique fusion of a conventional PC and a tablet , it will be a godsend for artists and remote workers who need a creativity channel on the move. This fourth generation product of Apple was announced and released in , replacing iPad mini 3. These specs can seem impressive for a small tablet but they can also make it more sluggish and less powerful than the Air or Pro.

Its Retina display has a laminated surface and a resolution of x pixels that look virtually indistinguishable from the iPad Air 2. This model is compatible with iOS 9.

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The iPad Mini 4 comes in the colour set of grey, silver and gold and currently only available in GB of storage. The models that followed the popular iPad Air 2 when it was discontinued are iPad and iPad However, this model was also discontinued with the release of iPad , officially the sixth-generation iPad. The iPad comes in the colour set of space grey, silver and gold and is available in 32GB and GB of storage options.

Camera and Graphic Tools — For many people, the graphics capture and processing capabilities of the iPad range are its most attractive feature, and the iSight camera is at the heart of this feature.

The iSight camera is featured in all of the models discussed here and is able to capture both crystal-clear photos and p HD video footage. Along with the camera itself, iPads also feature advanced chips in the A8 and A9 range that have image signal processors built-in. These allow for efficient facial recognition, helping to keep people in focus when taking your snaps. Another feature of the iPad range is the FaceTime HD camera that allows users to speak to other people anywhere in the world. The most recent generation of iPads has taken this popular feature and refined it, offering better resolution and performance in places with low light levels.

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Photographers and movie makers will also benefit from the laminated Retina display on the latest iPads. The reduced glare and clarity of Retina allows them to function as exceptional view finders when setting up a shot. All that the user needs to do is set up a shot and press the record button, a great tool for nature lovers in particular. All three of the models available have slightly different features, and the level of processing power descends from the iPad Pro to the iPad Air and down to the iPad Mini. The iPad Pro comes equipped with an A9X processor, featuring a bit architecture which puts the tablet in the same league as modern desktops.

The A9X processor departs from many conventional chips with its high level of energy efficiency, ensuring that the iPad Pro is cheap to run and good for using on the move. The Pro also features a graphics processing chip known as Metal, which has been designed to deliver console-style gaming. The iPad Mini 4 includes an A8 chip, which is also second-generation bit hardware.

Again, the A8 represents a quantum leap forward compared to earlier Minis, with 5. Other newest Apple products like iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also feature the A10 processor. Battery life and charging — Apples iPads are mobile tablet devices, so there is no escaping the need to charge their batteries every now and then, despite their relatively long battery lives. All four currently available devices, two different size iPad Pros, iPad , iPad Mini 4, have incredibly strong battery life that serves up to 10 hours of surfing on wi-fi, video streaming and music playing and up to 9 hours of surfing on cellular data, if that is what the iPad you purchased.

You can easily charge them by connecting its USB to power or other computer devices. One of the best known is Siri, an online assistant who provides suggestions relating to what content you might appreciate and how to get the most out of your device. The iOS on the newest iPads is also geared toward multi-tasking. Features like Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture are designed to allow users to flick between their apps and run audio, graphical or video editing software seamlessly. The iOS system is dynamically updated by Apple as and when new versions are launched, and there is no need for users to do this manually.

All updates are free and can be downloaded by iPads as soon as they are available. For many home users or people on the move, their iPad will primarily be an entertainment tool, and all three varieties of iPad have features to enhance the audio-visual or gaming experience. Finding iTunes via iOS is easy, as is purchasing and downloading your favourite content. Apple has also made several entertainment accessories available for their iPad range, including their EarPod headphones and wireless speakers.

Other firms like Beats By Dre have been licensed to sell their products via the Apple Store as well, adding high quality headphones and speakers to the mix. The heart of the entertainment experience is the range of apps available for the iPad. Apple has also launched their AppleTV service, which features original content, the assistance of Siri to find recommended content and the ability to link your iPad to an HD TV.

Gaming on the iPad is also becoming increasingly popular and viable, thanks to the technology included with the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2. Every month sees more console-quality action and sports games becoming available, alongside more basic Flappy Birds-style offerings. Accessories are also appearing — as well as apps that allow you to use an iPhone as a joypad to play games on your iPad. For example, an app called HomeKit allows iPad users to control aspects of their homes such as lighting, appliances and security locks.

Health apps allow iPad users to monitor their diet, heart rate, sleeping patterns and blood pressure, and link people to expert medical information. At the same time, iPads are becoming widely used in education, both as teaching tools for teachers to get their message across, and as homework aids for pupils.

Apple has also launched a collaboration with IBM to produce MobileFirst, a networking solution for businesses that puts all employees in contact with each other and clients via their iPads. Made out of strong, flexible polymers, the Smart Keyboard is designed to unfold or be folded up to pack away neatly. When unfurled, it is only 4mm thick, yet is as accurate and stable as a normal keyboard. Essentially a cutting edge touchpad stylus, the Apple Pencil has an extremely responsive feel, with very little lag between touching it on the screen and an image appearing.

With the Apple Pencil, artists can draw thick or slender lines by altering how hard they press, and they can apply shading by tilting the pen towards or away from the screen. Cases and Covers — If you want to keep your iPad in top condition, it is vital to store it and transport it safely. For protecting the screen while you move around, the Smart Cover is a good option. It doubles as a keyboard stand for typing and automatically turns off the device when not in use, and it looks great too. You can find Moleskine cases, brightly coloured designs and shoulder bags with compartments that exactly fit your iPad Model.

If you intend to use an iPad on the move, it makes sense to buy a specialist case, instead of storing it in a backpack to minimise the risk of damage. Direct support for iPad queries can be accessed on the Apple website , including a Community Answers section which draws on the expertise of your fellow users. The firm has a solid reputation for customer care, more so than other tablet manufacturers, so you should be in good hands. Alternatively, you could take your device down to a nearby Apple Store and see if staff can resolve the issue while you wait.

The Cloud could be a good way to do this, and apps are available to transfer files easily. One thing that people often note about Apple products is their price. Apple charge higher prices for their computers, phones and iPads because of their reputation for quality. If you want to save as much money as possible, consider going for slightly older models like the original iPad Air or the iPad Mini 2, which are regularly discounted by electronics sellers. All discounts are posted as they appear on our dedicated iPad page.

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